30 March 2009

Adirondack Blog

One of my true pleasures is adding content to Adirondack46er.com, a blog-format receptacle for all experiences relating to the pursuit of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. Myself, my cousin Adam, and friend James Zeger are active contributors to the site.

Adirondack46er.com contains climbing logs, photos, and videos from our adventures in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State--a treasure to humankind. While I love the actual experiences themselves, having the outlet of Adirondack46er.com to share and re-live them is very exciting to me. If there was a job where I could do exactly this...

Created on 18 December 2008, Adirondack46er.com now contains 34 posts (and counting). It is open reading for any interested parties. As with all things, an Adirondack obsession should be accompanied by some sort of restraint--yet by all means send me a note if you want to taste Adirondack Renewal as I have! Through Adirondack46er.com, I hope that we contributors can open some eyes. Life is so much more than worry and blame!


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