13 March 2009

Mom's Egg Test

Did Mom's egg test before doing hard-boiled eggs yesterday. Had one "top-floater" which I chucked out the door--as that supposedly implies rottenness. I had some others which "tipped" and semi-floated with the wider end up, the smaller end still on the bottom of the pan. Kept those as that is just supposed to mean they are older, with more air having permeated the eggshell. The freshest eggs slept on the bottom.

Oh--by the way--this most recent egg boiling was the result of Jess sending me a message saying she needed a non-meat lunch option for today (3rd Friday of Lent).

I did a little Internet research on why eggs float as I have historically kiboshed my mom's practice. It seems to be another case of Mother Knows Best.

Here's the relevant Did You Know? from WhatsCookingAmerica.net:
Eggs from your own hens (farm raised) are like homegrown vine-ripened tomatoes. Better tha[n] anything that comes from the supermarket.


Gil Burgess said...

How long before a certain lion ate the egg that was tossed out the door?

Seth C. Burgess said...

No evidence of egg discovery yet. I gave it a good throw into the woods.

Tanner, Teafoot, & Co. are bound to find it eventually...

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