17 September 2008

Political Aspersions

Pigs and lipstick? The campaign gets really weird | csmonitor.com

The more this "lipstick" thing comes up, the more stupid the Republican campaign strategy appears. The lipstick comments made by both Palin and Obama obviously have no connection whatsoever.

For those of us who attempt NOT to be cognitive misers, the recent major-party campaign messages are really becoming quite irksome. Perhaps its high-time I take a look at Ralph Nader or Bob Barr...


Jim Schley said...

Hey Seth, hope you're doing well. As you know, I'm a Libertarian and have been since I was old enough to register to vote, but I have big problems with Bob Barr. I don't think I can vote for him. I'm feeling very disenfranchised. Ultimately, as a Massachusetts resident, it doesn't matter since our electoral votes will unquestionably go to Obama.

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