13 September 2008

Life is September

I'm really getting to be quite fond of September. She is a month which won't make up her mind. Hot and sunny one day, dreary and rainy the next. Following comes the humidity, mud, and the conflict of morning fog. It'd be nice to see where we're going, but more often than not we'd rather just stand in place and breathe in the comfort of our immediate surrounding.

A cold night's sleep is medicine for the body. Thick, heavy duvet holding me strong to the place, people, and God that I love.

September is fickle. A natural personality. A reminder that all goals can not be precisely attained, that things we deemed important may not matter at all. The cool breeze relieves the storm.


Anonymous said...

Is this your writing Seth ?
How thoughtful and poignant.
A truer depiction of Miss September Ive never read.

Seth C. Burgess said...

Yes, 100% original.

A reaction to having stepped out my door into a changing scene over the past few weeks.

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