18 September 2008

Are you registered?

Are you registered to vote? If not, hop on it! The voter registration deadline in New York is 25 days prior to an election. To look up other voting prerequisites, go to http://www.declareyourself.com/voting_faq/state_by_state_info.html.

I'm amazed at the number of folks who are NOT registered to vote. Especially including those who make political statements or endorsements. The idea of American freedom continues to exist only as we exercise our voice. To vote is to voice. It's your right.

This precious right, the right to vote, was hard won by many of our nation's citizens. Today, active citizenship demands that Americans cast a vote to have their "say" in the political arena. After the bitter struggle to gain the right to vote for all our citizens, one might wonder why so many Americans do not exercise this right. - from the Library of Congress

Here's a link to the NYS Board of Elections where you can verify your voter registration and double-check your polling place:


See you at the polls.


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