06 April 2009

Double Eagle

Today (5-Apr-2009) at Park Presbyterian Church in Newark I was honored to have the opportunity to present two brand new Eagle Scouts--Joel DeVolder (Newark) and William Guchone (Newark)--with the highest award in Scouting by saying these words:

By the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, it is my privilege and pleasure to pronounce you both as Eagle Scouts.

A truly exciting role for me. I have presented before, although being invited by a family for such a duty is something I will always embrace fully with eagerness. In observing these two boys' parents today--as well as in other Eagle Courts of Honor--it is my opinion that seeing a son put his footstep on Boy Scouts of America's highest summit MUST be a life highlight for any parent.

Scouting is not an individual experience. One boy does not make Eagle alone. It takes a combination of dedicated VOLUNTEER adult leaders, mentors, active citizens, and fellow Scouts to create an environment in which one boy can become something recognizably special. And I suppose I say 'boy' lightly, as Eagles are generally prepared to lead lives as men of character much in advance of like-age peers not involved in Scouting.

So when that red, white, and blue ribbon adorned with silver eagle is pinned by a boy's mother upon his chest, it is huge. It firstly signifies the strength, diligence, and achievement of the new Eagle Scout. Then it vindicates our faith, our support of that Eagle over a period of many years--effectively a lifetime. Collectively, I believe the pinning of a BSA Eagle Scout affirms the good that we seek for our world and the hope we have for future generations. Congratulations Joel and William; lead the way!

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Unknown said...

Wonderful comment by a good man. I had the privilege to be at this ceremony to see my nephew, William, receive his Eagle.Much accomplishment in the room and corresponding pride.

Jane said...

I was also at the ceremony and was moved by the whole event. Especially moving was to hear these young men talk about their mentors and see them pin the mentoring pins on their chosen persons. Having participated in cub scouts with one of my sons, I know what devotion goes into going this far for both parents and child. Congratulations and best wishes to all involved.

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