30 August 2008

Bush, Bush, Bush

I'm really getting sick of people focusing this year's presidential election on George W. Bush. Wake-up! The Democratic candidate is Barack Obama and the soon-to-be Republican nominee is John McCain. Consider those two. And the obvious fact that neither is George W. Bush.

Below is a recent message board post I made in response to political discussion taking place in my fantasy baseball league:

I've said this before but...I still think it's ridiculous to compare everything to Bush. As far as I'm concerned he is a non-player in this year's presidential election.

We need to think about what this nation needs in the next 4 years. Also the future. Whether that involves fixing or addressing items the "past 8 years" have led into, forget about how it happened. Finger pointing is simply idiotic and gets us nowhere. John McCain is not George W. Bush, nor anyone else.

10% change was a brilliant number produced by Obama, and we have to understand that just like with the selection of Palin, it was a vote-getter.

WE have something more important than votes to give. WE have a leader to elect.


Gil Burgess said...

Your thoughts are well-expressed. Knowing my interests you won't be surprised when I say that despite the volatility of issues being mentioned by both candidates, I can virtually guarantee you that neither candidate will DARE mention anything about the need to spend a huge amount of money on revamping the public transportation system --- to include a high percentage of it going to passenger rail --high speed or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

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Seth C. Burgess said...

My wife and I are very glad we brought a puppy home from Maple Grove Golden Retrievers.

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