04 September 2008

McCain Train

Senator John McCain's party acceptance speech has been spoken.

To garner my attention from an Obama-dominated state, McCain said exactly what he needed to say. He walked us through his lifelong relationship with America. He oriented us to our world. And he named his position within it.

Sen. McCain described the degree of his service to our great nation, displayed his voluminous wisdom, and encouraged in me the respect due to an outstanding American.

John McCain was obviously aware that a persuasive message focused on issues was not the right action for him to take. He differentiated his style from Obama outright, setting the stage for all Americans to tune in with interest to the next 2 months of debates. One-on-one confrontation is the arena in which truly invested American citizens, especially the self-touted "independents",  will need to pay attention to in order to make an informed and intelligent vote decision.

I admire Senator Barack Obama, I believe in his dream; I very much feel John McCain.


Unknown said...

This is charles.
I enjoyed his speech and his talk on service. I respect MCCain. I was pulled from the Obama camp to the middle of the debate. These are speeches a words are cheap. I can not wait for the debates.
I loved how he recognized that his party has slipped from the common man. I like nuclear power
child credit
education reform
corruption in washington
Peace thru strengthen
I did not like his comments on Iran or georgia. Show no depth of understanding.

Seth C. Burgess said...

It will be physically strenuous for me to pull the ballot lever in a way which will deny John McCain of what may be his last chance to ascend to a new level of service to America and her people.

May the debates be telling.

Gil Burgess said...

All I can say is that we'll have to keep listening AND, as always, we have to continue to inform ourselves as if WE have to answer any debate questions. By that I mean, for example, we have to be careful of taking an overly simplistic view of the Georgian situation. Charles was reading the Christian Science Monitor article about the oil pipeline there and much earlier in the summer I recall reading an article in the same publication about how both South Ossetia and Abkhazia actually consider themselves to be separate ethnic groups from the Georgians and have for centuries and they have really been governing themselves anyway since the demise of the Soviet Union. That's only part of it, but, it isn't just Us vs. Bad Boy Putin and it's an example of how we have to be well-informed before listening to any debates.

Seth C. Burgess said...

Tribalism in Georgia.

Similar to how the people we refer to as "Iraqis" are having a difficult time adopting the idea of a unified Iraq nation-state. They naturally fall into ethno-religious divisions, ie. Sunni, Shia, Kurd...

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