20 January 2008

College Drop-out

I am a college drop-out as far as the 2007-08 school year is concerned. Since February 2007 I have been sitting at 32/72 completed credits in my graduate program at RIT.

April to mid-May was spent in Georgia. Mid-May to September was spent in Arizona. I registered for two courses for Fall Quarter only to drop them just before the first week started. I knew I would be gone to Fort Drum for 3 straight weeks in October so it wouldn't work.

I registered again for two courses for Winter Quarter and this time made it through nearly three weeks of coursework. I was gone for the first week to Fort Drum and second week to Albany, however studied from those remote locations and made arrangements with my instructors to jump back into things upon my return.

In between those weeks away, I learned that I was to spend a month in North Carolina from mid-January to mid-February. Farther into the quarter than before, I had to withdraw from my courses--this time 'W's appearing on my permanent student record. Having taken out an educational loan for the first time in my life for these classes also posed an unwanted inconvenience.

Now, the time has come and gone for me to go to North Carolina. I did not go. The truth hath changed.

I will try again for RIT's Spring Quarter this upcoming March, a full year since I last completed a single graduate credit.


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