21 January 2008

Kurrgan Scars Leonidas

A Canadian professional wrestler, Robert Maillet, plays the role of the "Uber Immortal" giant warrior in the movie 300.

It is this weapon of the Persian God-King Xerxes that gives Sparta's King Leonidas the scar on his left eye during the battle at Thermopylae, Greece.

Robert Maillet was known as "Kurrgan" during his time in the early 1990s in the WWF. He's 7 ft. tall and weighs in at 350 lbs.


Gil Burgess said...

I have Charles' DVD of this and I started to watch it one time last summer. I probably got about a half hour into it and had to do something else. But, the point is that I was never quite motivated to get back to it!

Seth C. Burgess said...

Hmmm...I might advise that you try again. I found 300 quite excellent both times I've viewed it. I enjoy the story of an underdog battle and how each small victory represents something bigger.

Call me nerdy, but I actually analyzed the terrain and tactics utilized by both sides during Thermopylae and do see how a force so negligible in size could stand for awhile against an army of the type and period of Xerxes'.

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