12 January 2008

Wood Splitting Maul

I purchased a maul in December at the Lowe's in Henrietta, New York, after having borrowed the neighbor's to split our first batch of firewood for the 2007-08 winter season. It is an Ames True Temper, item #6662000 on page 49 of the 2007 Full Line Catalog. The tool features an 8 lb. head, 36" FiberPro wave handle, and lifetime warrantee--making it the "Total Control wood splitting maul."

The maul has a slightly longer handle than that of the borrowed neighbor's--providing a little more leverage--although does have 4 lbs. less in the the head weight. The borrowed splitting maul was another Ames True Temper, item #1131500 on the same page of the same catalog as previously mentioned.

The 12 lb. "Lickety Splitter" next door has a 34" steel handle and performs excellently on seasoned wood using a dead-drop swing.

The wood splitting maul was my first Lowe's purchase, ever.


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