06 April 2011

Day 04 - A Song that Makes Me Sad

Day 4 of the 30 Day Song Challenge.

This one's a tear jerker. If you really tune in to the lyrics and think about a person in your life who you've loved, and seen that person fade away in front of your eyes, then "She Misses Him" by Tim Rushlow will have special meaning.

While this song makes me sad in a way, it's also comforting to think about how even when we drift away the people that care the most will always be there. I remember sending a message to my girlfriend (wife now) when this song first was on the radio, including the line by itself "And yet they're still together, after all these years" (lyric from the song). She replied to that line with "Of Course They Are", which was not in the song, but struck me as being true. Love sticks.


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