08 September 2009

Pres. Obama's Male Leadership

Having just listened to the live Back-to-School address of President Barack Obama to America's public education students this day of 8 September 2009, the most pressing item it brings forth for me is Male Leadership.

What types of male leadership do we see today? There are the Brusques--committed yet ever-haunted by items of financial figures and physical pressures, there are the Jovials--accepting of everyday struggles and persistently uplifting in engagement with others, there are the Firebrands--consumed by ideals and agitators of specific interest, and there are the Ghosts--escapees of the wake of their own lives.

I suppose the male leadership we should seek is a mix of such contrasting qualities, outlined with love, strength, and purpose. Pres. Obama's willingness to step in front of our nation's children and make a fatherly statement expressing confidence in all, yet a direct challenge issuing that there is a way we ought to live--I think--is an example of such male leadership.


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