29 September 2009

Blogging in the Bones

Well today, it happened. The number of posts on Wayne County Life and the number of posts on my personal blog are now equal at one-hundred and thirty-three apiece. My other leading blog sites--including Adirondack46er.com, Erie Canal History, and LakeBluff.info--together add up to 136 posts. Almost a trifecta.

What does this mean? Well, somehow it means that blogging and sharing stories is part of what I do. Yes, I've received income on some freelance work as well as through some ad-placement services--yet, by and large there hasn't been any financial gain to this aspect of my world yet. I find that interest in and visibility of my work expands over time, so I'm accepting T-I-M-E as a partner in my writing adventures.

I've always wanted to be a writer, yet not this kind of writer--not someone who writes quick-blurbs of news interest or event announcements or outdoor gear reviews. It seems to be part of it though. I've always accepted that to be the writer that I one day desire to be, I first have to fill all that I do with a multitude of experiences.

Part of what I've been doing over the past several months has been reading into family history and I find it interesting that as a Burgess, there's a lot of writing involved. Of particular interest to me is the Rev. A. Parke Burgess, who circulated numerous publications separate of his sermons. I've come across several of the names of these re-curring circulars, one such being--I believe--"The Watchword". A. Parke's sons, Frank D. and W.C. were themselves very into writing as the proprietors of the Gazette Press in Newark, New York--producing a print newspaper that later would become the Courier-Gazette, now owned by Messenger Post Media. I'm not sure about the quantity of my grandfather's writing; I do know that my father has been recording his whole life (and mine) in diary form.

Blogging in the bones? Nah--it's something more.


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