20 November 2008

1st Ski of the Season

Went xc skiing with Adam and Tanner this evening for the first time this season. It was great to breathe the fresh air while straining muscles that have otherwise been inactive!

The snow, for the most part was quite good. A few wet patches caused some stickiness. We skied through some fields and orchards that are typical of the Huron, NY landscape, relying on our headlamps to light the way (Tanner didn't need one, though). Our event concluded--of course--with the ritual consumption of one 8 oz. CherryPharm each.

Looking forward to some great local xc skiing this year!


J. Christy Wareham said...

You're making me jealous. I did get my run in this morning around the fields and woods a little west of Newark. Not enough snow here to allow for skis, but it was brisk, quiet and pretty. Like Tanner, I didn't need a headlamp. Of course, it was ten in the morning, so a lot of people would have managed as well.

Videomark said...

I am also looking forward to a great season of X-Skiing. I tried skiing yesterday, but the snow was sticking to my skis.

Gil Burgess said...

I thought the snow seemed sticky yesterday, too. So, with somewhat lower temps today I may give it a try!

Seth C. Burgess said...

I'd recommend it! Adam and I skied last night from 9pm to about 10:15pm, so we had the slightly cooler temperatures working to our benefit.

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