22 April 2007

Roosevelt Stables

This morning after going to the AAFES Clothing & Sales and AAFES Barber Shop ($7.40 / haircut) on post, I filled my CamelBak 2-Liter bladder, grabbed freshly charged camera batteries, and set off in the Av for Pine Mountain, Georgia.

I made it to Roosevelt Stables just in time to catch the 1pm Overlook Trail ride. It was a 2 hr. ride through densely-wooded mountainside. At the top our guide (Courtney) directed the group to rest the horses--without dismounting for rider-liability reasons--as we took in the scenery of Pine Mountain Valley and Lake Franklin. I snapped some photos, gnawed on a MET-Rx Big 100 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar, and then played follow the leader in descending the mountain atop my mount "Bo" to return to the stables.

Our guide's horse, "Simon"


Anonymous said...

Well, Sounds like you are able to get in some exploring time! That's great! katharine

Anonymous said...

Hey, that horse looks familiar! I rode Bo last week on my first ever horseback riding experience. He was a good horse! :-)

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