19 April 2007

Bouldering at the Red Barn

So looking back through some photos on my laptop hard drive, I came across the night I tried "bouldering" at RIT's indoor facility, the Red Barn. It was 25 April 2006, almost exactly one year ago.

Bouldering is done close to the ground and often involves more sideways traversing than vertical climbing. It can involve some of the hardest problems and most technical moves of any climbing discipline, and many advanced climbers boulder on a regular basis to keep in shape. Bouldering is also a good way to get started in climbing since both the equipment requirements and the danger level are minimal. All that's needed are a pair of climbing shoes, a chalk bag and comfortable clothes. [from GreatOutdoors.com]

Bouldering proved to be an extremely tiresome endeavor and I didn't last nearly as long as my friend Stephanie and her husband, Luke. At that point they were both regulars at the Red Barn, climbing at least once a week. The activity is more about technique and finding ways to balance your body in order to minimize muscle exertion. Stephanie says that in Bouldering, it is very rewarding to be working on climbing a specific marked path and simply be able to discover the next move that works--even if it takes weeks!


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