31 January 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Peyton Manning vs. Rex Grossman is "a skill match-up not unlike Doc Holliday vs. Barney Fife," says FOX Sports writer Randy Hill. I can roll with that.

The Bears' quarterback (Rex) has been remarkably unpredictable this season, showing up for either a zero or 100-plus QB rating--and nowhere in between. The Colts' quarterback (Peyton) has been an NFL star for years, a Marino-esque best who's never led his team to a Super Bowl victory--let alone appearance. It should be an interesting night in Miami.

I'll be rooting for Peyton, if for no other reason than his being a Tennessee man.


Matthew said...

Peyton is now no longer Marino-esque, he's in a league of his own...Jim Kelly status.

Matthew said...

I'm a Mega Pegga Legga Dinosaurus.???????

Seth C. Burgess said...

Haha--I was messing around when I first set up my blog and left that down in the footer as a conversation piece.

Mega Pegga Legga Dinosaurus is a song title from a 1993 album by local group Doug & Gary: the Happy Pirates.

Doug split some time ago and Gary the Happy Pirate has been on his own since.

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