05 February 2010

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Meetings have been filling up my weeknights lately.

It's sort of odd, as I've made a conscious effort to say "no" to more and more things of late. I'm trying to discern the line between my interests and my commitments, so that I am putting my energies into the right things.

In general, I'm attempting to ALWAYS choose in favor of my Top 5 passions. It just seems there may be an excess of opportunity for me to engage in these passions right now. Granted, I took my very first Passion Test on 1 June 2009 so its probably time to take it again. I believe 6 months was the recommended re-take time. Have I really become so fulfilled in my Top 5 passions in the last 7 months that I no longer feel attention is needed in those spaces? Is it time to "lock-in" to a few things resulting from my passion-fed choices and push away some others?

The meetings are not driving me mad--yet. I enjoy all of them. What I do need to figure out is the rest plan. If I spend 11 hrs. out of 24 at my daytime job, then 3 hrs. at a meeting, and 2-3 hrs. doing a less-than-necessary amount of work to keep my head above water for my personal business, military training preparation, action-items for group involvements, and general correspondence--there's not much time left to eat, sleep, do household items, or talk to my wife or read my books.

With basic living items at the bottom of my current priority list, I know I'm not doing enough of the right stuff. A part of it is going to be purposefully skimming off further layers of my interests that are somehow disguising themselves to me as commitments. Then, I have to swap in some additional attention on my real commitments. Rediscovering clarity will be important.

For now the meetings are going to stay (the regular ones) and on those nights I have to restrict myself from additional work at home. This is going to be fun.


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