14 May 2009

Great Gifting Tree

A gift ungiven is a gift for all
the knowing in not what 't'l be.

Ideas and thoughts and caring hearts
root strong in the Great Gifting Tree.

The tree is tall, or short, or not
there is fruit always in reach.

What matters is how and why it grows
not the look of the perfect peach.

The tree is broad, or narrow, or not
by nurture the nature takes form.

Whether whole, or half, or n'ither blooms
there's no need that fellows take swarm.

A gift of the heart starts private, internal
tho' ends quite different-ly...

That gift once for one 'comes gift now for many
Joyful surprise from the Great Gifting Tree.


Seth C. Burgess said...

This is the poem I wrote one night in response to frustration over Jess not keeping "Secret Santa" stuff secret.

It's a little complex, although that is what it's about...

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