22 April 2009

How to Create a Tilda on a Mac

Every wondered how to make a tilde on a Mac computer? How to write in Spanish using tilde accent marks instead of losing the rich pronunciation-modifier? Well, here is my step-by-step how-to method, adapted from one I found on About.com:
  1. Press and hold 'option' + 'n'
    (you should see ˜ appear with an underline)

  2. Release both keys
    (you should still see ˜ with an underline)

  3. Press character you wish to have under the tilde
    (underline will be replaced with letter you have typed)


Having difficulty? Post a comment below.

*Author's note: The word tilde is displayed in the title of this post as tilda to represent the common misspelling that many English-speaking Googlers are likely to enter into a search.

Source: How To Type Characters With Tilde Accent Marks (About.com)


Gil Burgess said...

Our VAIO keyboard has a tilde on it. Whatdo I do?

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