11 February 2009


As of 20 Feb 2009, I will be officially joining the ranks of the unemployed.

What will be next? Well, I plan to start building a job search agenda. I'll be looking for something within commuting distance from central Wayne County. I have no specific field I'm looking for. My BS in Information Technology and expected MBA in Management and Leadership are broadly-qualifying. Not to mention the array of work experience I've accumulated from my most recent job.

So for the next few months I'm going to turn my focus to finishing grad school and re-addressing some self-employment projects, while attempting to line up another job. Any suggestions or leads are welcome and appreciated!


James said...

Welcome, you are now unemployed and have joined the prestigious club. Well, not really. But I like to think of it as that. You're in a good position with lots of possibilities.
We could always go into business together. With our great minds who knows what we could come up with!!
More high peaks..?

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