23 February 2009

George Will's Law PLUS

At some point in the past columnist George F. Will figuratively proposed the law that no company gaining assistance from the Federal Government shall pay its executives any more than a GS-15 employee, which from the 2009 base pay scale has an upper limit toward $125,000. On 9 Feb 09, Will paraphrases by saying that "if you want to be a civil servant, live like a civil servant" and one of the others present in the ABC News: This Week Green Room says this:

The banks and financial institutions are like Iraq was before the invasion: they exist so that their leaders can hold power and make money, as Saddam in Iraq did...

Is there truth to that?

Green Room: George Will's Law 02/09/2009


Gil Burgess said...

While a corporation is accepting "corporate welfare" I would think that the pay of generals and admirals should be sufficient. As the one man pointed out, in these economic times where else are they going to go? Bill O'Reilly seems to agree!

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