28 February 2009

Curling Up With a Good Book

Curling up with a good book is something I have done waaaay too little of over the past year. I suppose between school and work and my specific situation it may be excusable. Perhaps it's the type or difficulty of the books I've had "coming across my shelf" recently. Or maybe it's the changing priorities which have altered the time & space with which I had previously associated my reading.

Either way, I've finally found my New Year's Resolution for 2009--to make time for "curling up with a good book".

As a supplemental, it should be noted that I am a firm denier of the idea that reading is something we must find time for; reading is something we need to make time for!

(NOTE: The inspiration for this post was my one-sitting reading of Gary Paulsen's The Tent this evening).


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