02 December 2008

Must Pontiac Go?

So GM is thinking of selling off some brands. It would seem a painful thing to allow Pontiac to go. Saab, sure--it never should have been a GM entity in the first place. Saturn, I can see that as a spin-off. The chick-company might work elsewhere.

Pontiac? Ouch. Tossing Oldsmobile was a losing decision. Let's not forget that.


Anonymous said...

It's not all that suprising to me really. Pontiac has consistently shown no inovation or any kind of push towards alternative fuel vehicles. The are simply mirrors of current Chevy vehicles, built on the same frames with different sheet metal. I see them dropping Buick as well. And lets be honest, why does GMC even exist...Chevy makes pretty much the same trucks with a different emblem. GM is very bloated, are the other Big Three manufacturers, I see them all shedding a few brands. Today Ford announced possible sales of Volvo, and selling its shares of Mazda...

Gil Burgess said...

I don't know as there's room for "sentimentality" in this, but, I think it figures in somewhere. At least, I can't help it. For example, the first car owned by Seth's great-grandfather, Charles Jagger (he's buried in East Palmyra, Matt), was a 1902 Oldsmobile. Someplace we have a picture of him by it. They were part of the American scene for over a century! --- The first Pontiac I remember was our family's dark blue 1947 beauty. Then, there was the black 1954 "Chief", my '76 Astre and '79 Sunbird and Seth's Grand Am ('94?). Pontiac has just been a part of our lives!

Seth C. Burgess said...

Yep, mine was a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am SE Coupe.

Black, 5-speed manual w/ the famously troublesome Quad 4 engine.

I see a Solstice every now and then on a highway, those are pretty unique. When Pontiac dropped the Firebird though, there was little else impressive in the lineup. GTO, G6 and others seem solid but not any real differentiation from competitors or other GM models.

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