08 October 2008


The mileage on my Av tipped the 100K mark tonight as I passed Connelly's Cove on the way home from Newark.

Let's see...that's about 52,000 miles that I have put on since acquiring my 2002 Chevy Avalanche from Cavallaro-Neubauer in Wolcott, New York. 52,000 miles @ approx. 15 mpg is 52,000 / 15 = 3,467 gallons of gasoline. 3,467 gallons of gas @ ~$3.00 per gallon is 3,467 x 3 = $10,401 spent on gasoline.

So, considering the actual gas prices we've seen, I've easily spent more than $10,400 on gas in 2 years. Almost 6 months of that time I was in training and not doing much driving at all.


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