06 February 2008

Re: Super Tuesday

In response to my previous blog post, a reader issued the following contentions:
  • Being afraid to use troops and using them inappropriately--as pawns in a chess game--are two different issues.
  • Seeking to affirm the U.S. as a world leader, are we not doing exactly what Rome did at the end of its great reign?
  • Can we afford to turn our back--in this country--on the things that make it great (good education and low poverty)?
I agree that it is important to provide good education and to raise Americans from the depths of poverty. I hope that good Congressmen and our state legislatures pay much attention to this.

My #1 attraction to Sen. McCain vs. all others is his vision for how to use our nation's military in today's conflict. The right moves need to be made now and over the next 4 yrs. to successfully accomplish our mission overseas. It is not fair for those volunteering to go back to do a rapid withdrawal and undo the progress that has been made (slow, yes--but this is not an overnight campaign). When current Soldiers are the aged veterans 40 yrs. from now, they deserve to carry with them a sense of pride for accomplishing something great. Another generation of vets pulled from a major conflict does not seem at all to be a good idea.

John McCain will bring our troops home when the time is right. These aren't just worker ants out on a level-played field. Every single Soldier has the opportunity to make or break positive change in an environment which is highly resistant to change. Each native Iraqi they come into contact with is an opportunity won or lost.

If the United States does not act the World Leader it has always been, then where would we stand?
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