25 January 2008

MacBook Air: Not For Me

I've got the wants on for a new laptop, mine being 5+ years old. Apple products have been on my mind, so naturally I'm interested in the new MacBook Air.

After reading the Engadget review, my trusty HP Pavilion 5200 series will remain in action until further notice. My next laptop will need to be able to perform as my primary machine. I am a road warrior.

The Air is a tough call. On the one hand it proposes to be a no-compromises ultraportable, but on the other hand it compromises many (but not all) the things road warriors want. [read review]

The only Mac in the family (and we still have it) is a Performa 550. I'm saving it for a Super Munchers tourney down the road. Want in?

Y'all do remember the Muncher games I hope...


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