26 January 2007

Creative Zen Vision W

I gifted myself a Creative Zen Vision W for Christmas. Having fought off the urge to succumb to the iPod boom for oh-so-long, I finally found a portable media player that fit my needs for music, photos, and video. I chose the 60 GB model--plenty of storage space for my collection of .mp3 albums, select digital images, and a few dl'd (downloaded) ZENcasts.

I can easily play my .mp3's or audiobooks in my vehicle by simply plugging my Zen into an FM transmitter and tuning the radio to the designated frequency. The photo gallery capability is nice; I am now able to carry my favorite shots with me for display without having them take up valuable space on media cards. Also, there is a Compact Flash (CF) card reader built right into the slick device--allowing me to backup photos from my Canon Digital Rebel XT on the fly to free up cards for continued shooting.

Yes, the Zen Vision W is physically larger than all models of the Apple iPod; it compensates with capability and presentation. The 4.3" screen displays bright and clear video in a 16:9 aspect ratio and there is a handy A/V output port for displaying right onto your TV (a feature which I use a lot). There are a number of other functions that I haven't yet tapped in to, including: built-in FM radio receiver, voice recorder, and personal organizer which syncs with MS Outlook on your PC.

I have no complaints with the Creative Zen Vision W, and would absolutely recommend it as an iPod alternative.


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