01 October 2014

Smooth Edge Can Opener

Mangled Can

And then I realized it might be time for a new can opener... 

While organizing the recyclables or some similar activity, I came across a severely mangled can. After a bit of incredulous inspection, I came to speculate that our sitter on the recent occasion of an evening dinner out for my wife's thirtieth birthday had either had difficulty finding the appropriate utensil to open a can to make a meal, or was completely inept at doing so.

Not too long after, I received a text message from my wife while at work with the request to get a new can opener. So--I guess I'll give the sitter a break and come to the conclusion that we no longer had an acceptable can opener in our summer cottage, or our previously used wall opener had maxed out the frustration level (it's oddly located in the kitchen doorway).

06 March 2012

Lake Walker Run

Composed 2 March 2012 following a run around Lake Walker at Camp Shelby, MS.

It's wake up
I know
Sound of the grind buzzing in my ear

Another day
finds me
In a movie script, no time to spare

Sometimes when things stack up
one on the other
I want to retreat
under God's cover
Gather up those I love most
head to the mountains, to the coast
Always remember what that wise man done
Looked me right in the eyes said

15 April 2011

Someone Diagnose Me

Identity crisis? I don't think so. Yet there can sometimes be an overwhelming feeling of "Who am I?" when I find myself shifting between my current roles in the world. Right now, I'm in uniform, and I have been in this role for the better part of the last month. When I'm in uniform for longer than just a few days, it feels right, I enjoy it more than not, and I want to keep Soldiering on.

When the uniform "comes off" (literally rather than figuratively here, because a Citizen-Soldier really continues to be a person in uniform in daily civilian life, too) I return to my career in the private sector, and there is a different pressure but a very different type of fun too. And it feels right and and want to keep hitting the computer buttons and talking business and growing in my civilian career with the great company I work for, and with.